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Elissa Newport, Ph.D. Director, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery

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Georgetown University Medical Center’s Elissa Newport, Ph.D., Director, Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery is leading research that examines how the brain acquires language following perinatal stroke. Using assessments of language, visual processing, and other cognitive abilities, in combination with functional brain imaging (fMRI), her team is studying how the developing brain recovers from strokes that occur before birth, in infancy, and early childhood.

“We believe our research on the outcomes of childhood stroke will provide important findings on how to achieve the best recovery of language and cognitive skills in young children,” Dr. Newport says. “It may also provide breakthroughs in achieving equally good recovery in adults, who currently do not recover as well as children.”

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Georgetown University Medical Center is an internationally recognized academic health and science center with a four-part mission of research, teaching, service and patient care. Patient care, clinical research and education is conducted with our academic health system parter, MedStar Health.

The largest, most prominent Catholic medical center in the country, Georgetown University Medical Center’s mission is carried out with a dedication to the Catholic, Jesuit principles of public service to others and cura personalis, or “care of the whole person.”

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