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Your support is needed at the beginning of 2022 to accelerate more clinical trials and breakthroughs that will lead to new and safer treatments — and, ultimately, to cures. What better way to start the new year than to give hope and help save lives? Please give generously!

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Your gifts drive innovative research with lifesaving potential. One example is our study of an experimental drug, which provides early evidence from studies in mice with a form of pancreatic cancer that the drug could jump-start an immune response against pancreatic cancer, a disease that has so far been resistant to immunotherapy.

In these animal models, the drug increased the number of immune cells in the immediate vicinity of the tumor, leading to a reduction in tumor growth. And in early-phase clinical trials, the drug candidate has been observed to help boost the effectiveness of immunotherapies.

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New Drug Raises Immunotherapy Effectiveness in Pancreatic Cancer in Mice

“We show that by combining this drug with immunotherapy, we were able to activate the immune system in such a way that it could melt pancreatic tumors quickly and even completely cure some mice,” says Allison Fitzgerald, Ph.D., at Georgetown Lombardi and co-first author of the study.

“While there is still a long way to go to determine if this treatment will be effective in humans, it is our hope that this study suggests it’s possible to induce long lasting remission for patients with pancreatic cancer using immunotherapy.”

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100% of your generous contribution goes directly to groundbreaking research that will lead to improved treatments and more lives saved. Please give today and join us in the fight against cancer!

About Georgetown Lombardi

Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center seeks to prevent, treat, and cure cancers by linking scientific discovery, expert and compassionate patient care, quality education, and partnership with the community — guided by the principle of cura personalis, “care for the whole person.” Georgetown Lombardi is the research engine driving clinical cancer research at MedStar Health in the Washington D.C. metro area. #EndingCancerStartsHere

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