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    100% of your gift today will directly support the Fund a Fellow for Parkinsonā€™s program, allowing more neurologists to be trained to accurately diagnose patients and provide access to innovative treatments and clinical trials here at Georgetown. Please give generously!

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Help Fund a Fellow for Parkinsonā€™s

Your gift today to the 2022 Fund Drive to Change Lives will support our Fund a Fellow for Parkinsonā€™s program ā€” a dynamic initiative that provides funding to train early-career neurologists as specialists for movement disorders.

This is an area of tremendous need, as there simply arenā€™t enough movement disorder specialists across the nation to effectively diagnose and treat patients in need of specialty care. But your gift today will help change that, training more neurologists to accurately diagnose patients and provide access to the latest treatments available, including groundbreaking clinical trials at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Thanks to individual contributions from caring people like you, Georgetown faculty have provided highly specialized training for more than 16 physicians who are now practicing at Georgetown and around the country, helping countless patients and families who previously didnā€™t have access to this expert level of care.

By 2030, 1.2 million people in the U.S. are expected to have Parkinsonā€™s disease. And itā€™s just one of many movement disorders.

Only about 10% of patients with a movement disorder see a specialist, even though research shows that those who seek skilled care are at a lower risk of complications and enjoy better, longer lives.

The Fund a Fellow for Parkinsonā€™s program has enabled Georgetown faculty to provide highly specialized training for more than 16 physicians who are now practicing here and around the country.

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Many of our supporters choose to give at an ongoing frequency of their choice. This helps provide a steady stream of funding to keep lifesaving research and care moving forward. Joining is easy, and your sustaining gifts will make a significant impact in 2022, bringing real help and hope to patients facing all types of debilitating diseases. Start today!

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