Gabriel Jimenez (B'15)

While attending a Cristo Rey high school in Los Angeles, Jimenez got into the Georgetown University Summer College Immersion Program—a program he is thankful for every day. The program is designed to prepare rising seniors at Cristo Rey and KIPP high schools throughout the nation for the academic rigors of a highly selective institution.

“The program got me comfortable with myself and leaving home for college, but, most importantly, it introduced me to Georgetown,” said Jimenez, who was set on applying to Georgetown after his on-campus experience. Jimenez also applied to 15 other schools, because he knew no matter where he was accepted, his ultimate choice would come down to financial aid.

Georgetown’s letter was the last to arrive. “When I opened the letter, it was almost a full ride and that’s when I knew I would be attending Georgetown,” said Jimenez, who will be the first in his family to graduate from a four-year university. “I was set for the next four years.”

Paying it Forward

Helping the community is something Jimenez enjoys and giving back is something he takes personally. “It allowed me to give back to the Cristo Rey network, it was a way for me to break the stereotype that business school students don't care about the community and it was a way for me to spend my break helping others.”

Jimenez dreams of working on the philanthropic side of the sports industry. He hopes to eventually open a sports center in his hometown to take struggling youth off the streets through athletics.

Motivation Borne of Gratitude

“If I saw these scholarship donors every day, each time I would thank them because I am thankful every day to be at Georgetown,” said Jimenez. “Their generosity and desire to help students is what keeps Georgetown running and what keeps students, like me, motivated to finish college and excel after graduation and eventually give back to help future students.”