Julia Carlson (M’16)

Julia Carlson (M'16)When Julia Carlson (M’16), of Charlottesville, Va., came for her interview at Georgetown, she immediately felt a tangible sense of community. "I wanted to attend a school that felt supportive—not just from fellow students, but throughout the faculty and administrators," she said. Georgetown is that place for her.

Carlson is working to become the strongest clinician she can be. She appreciates that the coursework at Georgetown’s School of Medicine supported that goal by offering "a very early doctoring curriculum" in which students go into hospitals at the beginning of their medical education.

Her decision to pursue a career as a clinician was driven both by her desire to help others and the sense of fulfillment she gets from daily interactions with patients. Carlson added that without financial aid, she would have been unable to attend Georgetown. "Receiving financial aid gave me the ability to attend a 'dream school,' and I try to take advantage of every opportunity offered because of the gift I was given. I will be a better doctor tomorrow because of what I was given today."