Gift Provides Experiential Learning Opportunities for Film & Media Students

So Yon Sohn
So-Yon Sohn (C'92)'s gift is helping students tell their stories through film and media

So-Yon Sohn’s philanthropic journey didn’t start the day she graduated from Georgetown, even though she had a great experience at the university.

In fact, the 1992 graduate of Georgetown College, felt somewhat disconnected after she moved back to Hong Kong. She tried to get involved in alumni activities and conducted some interviews, but lost some connection to her fellow Hoyas. She felt that different people were attending each gathering because Hong Kong is such a transient place.

But she didn’t give up. She knew that Georgetown’s Asia-Pacific presence was going to grow and she saw it through. After a decade, she felt fully engaged and decided to start asking about giving opportunities.

She and her husband, Richard Chun, learned that courses in Georgetown’s Film & Media Studies program often came with extra costs to cover extracurricular activities. As a result, scholarship students—and those on a tight budget—weren’t able to participate in projects they wanted to do.

“I’m proud of what these students are doing. I look at this as impact-investing.”

Sohn thought about how these scholarship students have a unique story to tell and decided to set up both endowed and current use funds designated to the Film & Media Studies program.

“I’m in the banking business; I don’t know much about film studies. But I did the research and found a way to make a real impact on students’ lives. I’m looking forward to hearing more about their documentaries and other projects because I want them to have a voice.”

As a newer donor, Sohn wanted to share her story with her peers. “Many of us have the resources, but need a little direction. I’m proud of what these students are doing. I look at this as impact-investing.”