Georgetown Scholarship Program Necessity Fund

Georgetown University students and faculty

We are gratified by the recent profiles on NPR, in the Washington Post and other media coverage of our scholarship students. The public's desire to help these students is a wonderful affirmation of all they have accomplished.

Georgetown is committed to providing a need-based financial aid package to every admitted student who requires assistance in paying for college. As a result, the scholarships awarded to almost 3,000 undergraduates upon their admission and enrollment are fully funded by the university and its generous donors. With more than half of our students receiving financial aid, Georgetown is a leader in providing affordable access to elite higher education. 

Many of our scholarship recipients have overcome incredible challenges to get to college, and the stories of how they've gotten this far are inspiring. For some of them, the transition to the demands of a university can be another high hurdle.

To assist them, the university and generous donors like you support the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP), which provides academic, co-curricular, professional development and other support to help them acclimate and flourish. In part as a result of this program, our students from under-resourced backgrounds graduate within four years of enrollment at the same very high rate as the overall student body.

We deeply appreciate your desire to support our scholarship students and we ask that you consider making your contribution to the GSP Necessity Fund. This fund helps scholarship students confronting unanticipated expenses associated with personal, family or other emergencies.