Undergraduate Financial Aid

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“Our identity as one of the great universities in the world is inextricably tied to our ability to ensure that the best students—regardless of background or socioeconomic status—can be here.” – University President John J. DeGioia

Georgetown’s national and international status is the result of decades of work and strategy. The core of this progress is sustaining academic excellence by enrolling the most talented students, many of whom need aid to attend.

Attracting Top Students

Each year, Georgetown admits a full class of talented students on the basis of their academic merit alone. The university never considers what applicants can afford to pay when deciding whether or not to admit them.

This “need-blind” approach to admissions—and the meet-full-need financial aid policy that accompanies it—ensures that each admitted class is a cohort of the very best and most qualified applicants, each bringing something to contribute to the Georgetown community and each poised to enhance the experience of all students on the Hilltop.

Living Our Values

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Georgetown’s policy of admitting the very best students—even if they are unable to pay in full, or at all—is a tradition that has characterized Jesuit schools from their earliest days. This tradition stems from the Jesuits’ deep commitment to social justice and long-held belief that the doors of higher education should be open to all those who merit admission.

Georgetown is one of only a handful of universities in the nation with a need-blind admissions policy and a meet-full-need approach to financial aid. Not only does this approach bring us the most talented students and help our university stay competitive, it is the right thing to do.

Staying Competitive

Out of nearly 20,000 applicants each year, Georgetown admits only a small fraction, often close to just 15 percent. Nearly all have scored in the top five percent nationally on standardized tests, and many are elite athletes, budding entrepreneurs and valedictorians.

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It’s no surprise that many of these top students are considering universities other than Georgetown. And while many factors play into this decision, one of the main reasons admitted students go elsewhere is that they receive better financial aid from another university.

Georgetown recognizes that its excellence among national universities today is due, in a large part, to the caliber of students who have attended. To continue attracting and enrolling these top-tier students, the university must provide scholarships that are competitive with those offered by peer institutions.

Gifts under $25,000 will be pooled together to create a scholarship for one student.

Gifts over $100,000 can create endowed funds that support students year after year. To learn more about endowment and hybrid gifts, email Karen Beil at ksb25@georgetown.edu