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Thriving & Connection

Investing in a whole-institution approach to caring for the whole student

To give every Georgetown student the richest experience—and give the world its strongest citizens and leaders—we must support them across all dimensions of learning and formation.

Financial accessibility is paramount, and often the first challenge students face. But the work of unlocking the full potential of our bright, ambitious, and passionate students goes well beyond shrinking financial hurdles.

Students thrive when we see, and attend to, their unique array of strengths and needs, in the spirit of cura personalis.

Caring for the whole person

Different students encounter different barriers in the course of their Georgetown education. Students flourish when we care for the whole person—providing a full constellation of resources and support:

  • Financial: Removing financial barriers to attending and fully participating
  • Intellectual: Empowering learning, inside and outside the classroom
  • Community: Cultivating a sense of belonging and celebrating diverse experiences, identities, and perspectives
  • Mental: Caring for students’ mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Physical: Ensuring the health and safety of all students
  • Spiritual: Serving students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds as they explore their spiritual lives
  • Professional: Enabling students to apply their Georgetown education to lives and careers of purpose

Taking a whole institution approach

This support looks different for each student—and happens all across campus. That’s why we take a whole-institution approach, promoting a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential aspects of Georgetown’s mission and identity.

Through integration, collaboration, and consultation, Georgetown’s Office of Student Equity and Inclusion (OSEI) amplifies this work, harmonizing efforts with complementary missions and fostering a sense of shared responsibility across campus.

A Testimonial

Adanna Johnson

“Equity and inclusion is not just in one place. Every dean, every department chair, every faculty member, every member of our community, every administrator, every staff member, needs to make this a value at the center of their work—not an add-on.”

— Adanna J. Johnson, Ph.D., Georgetown Associate Vice President for Student Equity & Inclusion

Supporting inclusive excellence

Through OSEI and the Georgetown Scholars Program, Georgetown offers several key undergraduate programs and resources to nurture a strong community.

  • Center for Multicultural Equity & Access

    The Center for Multicultural Equity & Access provides mentoring, multicultural programming, diversity education, and academic support to enhance the education of students historically denied access to Georgetown University because of race, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, and other marginalized identity.

  • Community Scholars Program

    The Community Scholars Program, established in 1968, promotes social justice by enrolling and graduating a more racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse student body through a summer immersion session and ongoing programming.

  • LGBTQ Resource Center

    The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Resource Center—the first such Center of its kind at a Catholic/Jesuit institution in the country—provides education, programming, support services, and voice to Georgetown students, faculty, staff, and alumni of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

  • The Women’s Center

    The Women’s Center seeks to center the experience of women and educate the entire campus about gender dynamics that impact campus culture. Serving students of all gender identities, the Center seeks to create a more equitable campus for a more expansive notion of gender and gender roles.

  • Georgetown Scholars Program

    The Georgetown Scholars Program, founded in 2004, provides community support services that foster first-generation and low-income students’ engagement, leadership, and academic and personal growth.

Accompanying our students

Georgetown is home to the country’s largest and most diverse university-funded Campus Ministry program, which includes chaplains from each of six major global faith traditions.

As our students process the impact of the pandemic and return to on-campus activities, we expect increased demand for this support and spiritual nourishment. Philanthropic gifts will ensure that we have spiritual leaders from a variety of faith traditions to accompany our students along their journeys.

  • Chaplains

    Embodying Georgetown’s commitment to cura personalis, chaplains care deeply for the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of our community, leading religious services, organizing retreats, assisting student organizations, teaching courses, and serving as a critical resource for individual students.

  • Residential ministers

    With more than two dozen ministers from a variety of faiths—including several Jesuit faculty members—living in residence halls and townhomes around campus, Georgetown seeks to support the faith life of our students by meeting them where they are.

    Whether a student is developing new friendships, making career choices, exploring spirituality, or working through personal struggles, they turn to residential ministers—as friends, mentors, and spiritual guides. In addition, residential ministers open up their homes weekly for students to meet with friends and unwind over snacks.

Caring holistically for our student athletes

Success in athletic competition is possible only when we care for our student-athletes across all aspects of their lives. In the tradition of cura personalis, we are dedicated not only to student-athletes’ physical strength and well-being but also their intellectual and emotional formation.

  • Comprehensive academic support

    Deeply motivated to succeed in all that they do, Georgetown’s student-athletes enrich countless academic disciplines at the university, balancing their studies alongside the demands of Division I competition. It requires extraordinary commitment—and support.

    To ensure that every Georgetown student-athlete can fully realize their academic goals, we must advance Georgetown Athletics’s ambition for a comprehensive academic support program.

  • Mental health and wellness resources

    In 2017, Georgetown Athletics hired its first-ever clinical psychologist dedicated to and trained specifically in the needs of collegiate student-athletes, putting us at the forefront of student-athlete health and wellness in the BIG EAST Conference. Demand has exceeded availability, and now we must secure this important program’s future and expand its resources and reach.

    Philanthropic support for a comprehensive mental health and wellness program will help ensure that Georgetown’s scholar-athletes can flourish in the classroom, in competition, and in life after Georgetown.

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With your support, we will break down barriers and build new structures to ensure that every Georgetown student can thrive.

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