Georgetown Law Impact Report Fall 2019

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Thank you for your support for Georgetown Law. Your generosity has a positive effect on everyone here at the Law Center, from our newest students to our longest-tenured professors. I wholeheartedly believe that an investment in a Georgetown Law student is an investment in a more just and equitable world. And I am pleased that so many alumni feel the same way.

Thanks to alumni support, the Law Annual Fund set yet another new record this past fiscal year by raising a remarkable $9.4 million in current use cash and pledges—a 7 percent increase from the previous year. The success of the annual fund continues to be the perfect illustration of our commitment to providing access to all students, regardless of their ability to afford tuition.

Unless specifically designated otherwise, every gift to the Law Annual Fund helps support financial aid, putting Georgetown Law within reach for students who otherwise would have had to forgo a Law Center education. Our current-use fundraising has come a long way in a few short years and, thanks to you, I believe we will continue to enhance the law school experience for all students.

Please review this report, which offers a small view of what alumni philanthropy enables. We are honored by the impact of your giving and how it shapes the next generation of Georgetown Law students.

Thank you for your gift and for your support. We remain profoundly grateful.

William M. Treanor
Dean and Executive Vice President
Paul Regis Dean Leadership Chair

With Gratitude

I vividly remember meeting members of my section for the first time and being struck by how impressive my classmates were. I knew that Georgetown Law had world-class minds on the professor side of the dais, but I was amazed at the world-class minds sitting right next to me. It has truly been an honor to learn and grow with the outstanding students who I now call friends—many of whom are beneficiaries of your alumni giving.

Because I was the first member of my family to finish high school, the financial aid I received was important not just financially, but symbolically. When I explained to my parents that I was offered support to attend Georgetown Law, they saw my aid package as a powerful sign that this prestigious school not only recognized my background, skills, and achievements, it valued them. That was an incredibly empowering moment and I will always be thankful to the generous alumni who made that feeling possible.

Thank you for giving me, and so many of my classmates, the tools to build a wonderful life through the exceptional education that Georgetown Law provides. The time I have spent here at the Law Center has changed the trajectory of my family’s life forever and I look forward to giving that same life-altering opportunity to students after I graduate.

Thank you,

Michael Fisher (L’20)

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