Georgetown University Impact Report Fall 2019

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Thank you for demonstrating what it means to be a Hoya and stepping forward to sustain Georgetown’s excellence. As a part of the Georgetown family of supporters you are critical to the continued success of our university in its primary endeavor—educating exceptional students who will become women and men for others.

We are deeply grateful for your continued investment in our students. Last fiscal year, 16,703 donors gave a total of $7,968,389 to the Georgetown Fund. Your gift helped ensure that the very best students could come to Georgetown. For many, it is a dream that could only be fulfilled with your help.

Our collective commitment to keeping Georgetown affordable for every student who is admitted is an integral part of the university’s mission and character, and has helped us become one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the nation, and indeed the world.


Paul Lanzone (MBA’15)
Associate Vice President of Alumni Engagement

With Gratitude

When I was seven, my father passed away unexpectedly. My oldest sister, who was 18 at the time, relinquished her college plans to help my mom support our family.

Early on, I was not much of a student and got into my share of trouble, but seeing the sacrifices my family was making deeply affected me over time. By high school, I had cleaned up my act and graduated valedictorian of my class. As I planned for college, I fell in love with Georgetown after a visit to campus.

I almost didn’t believe it when I was accepted and received a scholarship. Not only was I the first generation in my family to go to college, out of 500 students from my class, I was one of only three to leave California. And now, I’ve made it to my senior year and am majoring in government, with a minor in statistics.

My scholarship means so much to me that it has influenced my personal plans for the future—I plan to become a donor myself as soon as I am able, and I plan to advocate for it as well. I want you to know that I am extremely thankful for what you have done for me these past three years, and I’d like to assure you that I will continue to do everything possible to make you proud.

Miguel Ojeda (C’20)

Why I Give…

Supporting Georgetown is an important part of the lives of many of our donors. Here is what three Hoyas have to say about the importance of philanthropy.

“I give because Georgetown made a difference in my life, and I too want to make a difference in the lives of our deserving students.”

Ping Chen (R’98, W’01)

“We have given to Georgetown for so many reasons over the years! First, to our graduating classes and our respective sports teams (Sailing and Rowing), then to reunions and other worthwhile causes like Mission and Ministry and the Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP). There are so many facets of Georgetown that have made our family so thankful to be part of such a strong and inspiring community for others. We have made many lifelong friends at Georgetown, and it is always a thrill to set foot back on campus to see that tradition continuing!”

Kate Shima O’Brien (C’89) and Michael O’Brien (B’88)

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Thank you for being an important part of the future of Georgetown University.