Georgetown University Impact Report Fall 2020


Dear Alumni and Friends,

I am deeply grateful for your continued generosity. As an integral part of our Georgetown community, your dedication helps make a Georgetown education accessible for all, especially during this time when students and families face so many uncertainties, including financial instability.

Last fiscal year, 12,750 donors gave over $36 million in support of undergraduate student scholarships. Your collective investment is critical to the success of our university’s primary endeavor—to educate exceptional students who will go on to realize their fullest potential as Hoyas for others.

Your generosity not only changes their lives, but the lives of countless others they will serve in the future. Thank you again for your commitment to the success and resilience of our institution, and most importantly, our students.


Paul Lanzone (MBA’15)
Associate Vice President of Alumni Engagement

emily arnold

With Gratitude

Being a Hoya means being part of a lifelong community. I felt this sense of community even during the months of uncertainty and isolation when the coronavirus pandemic forced us to leave our home on the Hilltop this spring. Through countless emails, texts, and phone calls, I had the support of my Georgetown friends and professors. I loved hearing from Baker Scholar alumni, checking in on me to make sure that my post-grad plans were still steady, and, if not, being ready to help out right away.

Of course, I miss the Hilltop: walking through campus, running into friends, late-night chats about the significance of grammar in the mastery of a language. I miss being around people that change my mind every day—and meeting new and inspiring people at every turn. I miss the caring of the Georgetown community because that caring is unique. I miss all of these things, and, yes, part of me feels they were untimely ripped away, but the other part of me knows that I am still a Hoya, and to be a Hoya is to be a Hoya for life.

Emily Arnold (C’20)

Why I Give…

Giving back is an important part of the lives of the Georgetown community. Here is what donors have to say about the importance of philanthropy.

“I’m proud of what these students are doing. I look at this as impact-investing.”

So-Yon Sohn (C’92)

“Some 45 years ago, Georgetown ‘invested’ in me by providing me with a scholarship. That changed my life. I am grateful to be able to do the same thing for these talented young people.”

Joe Zimmel (C’75)

“We have an opportunity to be part of something much bigger than ourselves. My gift to Georgetown makes me a partner in all the research, discovery, and learning that occurs on the Hilltop every day.”

Michelle VanDervort Barrette (C’90)

Continue Your Support

Please consider making your next gift today to continue your support for access and affordability. Your support sustains Georgetown’s mission and helps our students realize their full potential. Thank you and Hoya Saxa!