McCourt School of Public Policy Impact Report Spring 2020

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I hope this report finds you and your families safe and well. As we face an urgent need to work together in the face of great challenges and uncertainty, I am so appreciative of this community and your support: you are the resilient models of leadership and service we need now more than ever.

The McCourt School is committed to training ethically grounded leaders and equipping them with the cutting-edge skills to have a positive impact now. Together, our community is tackling today’s most complex problems and designing meaningful solutions rooted in evidence and a deep understanding of the people they serve.

Over the past year, the McCourt School has grown in line with our ever-increasing aspirations for impact: we welcomed 280 new students and substantially expanded our full-time and research faculty to reflect diverse expertise and groundbreaking scholarship. And the world is taking notice. The McCourt School recently ranked 25th in the latest edition of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Schools of Public Affairs ranking, placing the McCourt School in the top 10 percent of public affairs schools nationwide.

This year and beyond, we will continue to invest in the next generation of public policy leaders. We will break down the barriers that stand between the “impatient changemakers” that fill our classrooms and the careers that await them—across sectors and policy areas, here in DC and around the globe. We will build a new home at the very center of policy making on the Capitol Campus that brings together our students, research, professional staff, resources, and programming, and amplifies our collective ambition for the common good.

Each commitment the members of this generous community make to our mission, whether sharing your story of impact, connecting with our students and alumni, or contributing to our efforts to support our students and programs, strengthens our shared mission and deepens our capacity for transformational impact. In uncertain times like these, your support is deeply felt.

Thank you.

Maria Cancian
Dean, McCourt School of Public Policy

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