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The McDonough School of Business

Best in the world. Best for the world.

Every business school teaches students about markets, efficiency, and profitability. At Georgetown McDonough, we take it a step further: we teach our students to use the tools of business, management, and leadership to enhance their careers and to serve the common good. Learn about the vision for our work—and how to support these strategic priorities.

Building on distinctive strengths to make a better world

There is no school better suited to prepare a new generation of capable, creative, and conscientious business leaders than Georgetown McDonough, part of the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university seated in its most influential city.

We develop ethical leaders committed to building a better world. We deliver a business education filled with experiential learning. We design programs that translate our competitive advantages into shared value.

Now, we focus on four opportunities to maximize our impact. By investing in future leaders, stretching the boundaries of business education, collaborating to solve society’s greatest challenges, and defining business for the common good, we will educate principled leaders to be not only the best in the world, but the best for the world.

Dean Paul Almeida talking

‘The best in the world and the best for the world’

Hear Dean Paul Almeida’s vision for maximizing Georgetown McDonough’s impact—by investing in future leaders, stretching the boundaries of business education, collaborating to solve society’s greatest challenges, and defining business for the common good.

View video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsctsDvx5EY

Building on distinctive strengths to make a better world

Read an overview of Georgetown McDonough’s strategic priorities as it works to prepare leaders who see, and use, business as a force for good in the world.

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  • Student excellence

    We will invest in our future leaders

    Georgetown McDonough is competing for the best student talent in markets around the globe. Enrolling—and supporting—these future leaders is the most important investment we can make. Scholarships and fellowships are crucial in building a dynamic learning community of undergraduate, graduate, and executive students.


    To recruit the highest-caliber graduate students, we seek to establish 60 named MBA fellowships. Offered to applicants who demonstrate exceptional talent and interest in a field aligned with one of McDonough’s leading centers and initiatives, these fellowships will provide a market-competitive scholarship, pair students with faculty research projects and internships, and position recipients as student leaders in their area of interest.


    Georgetown McDonough intends to become the premier destination for military-connected students looking to earn a world-class graduate business degree. Given the competition for talented veteran students, Georgetown McDonough must continue to expand the support it provides through financial aid and Yellow Ribbon scholarships, and through dedicated curricular and co-curricular offerings, including special electives, career services, and wellness activities.


    Georgetown McDonough offers a top undergraduate program, which prepares the next generation of business leaders to use their skills in service to the world. Peer institutions and competitors are providing increasingly generous undergraduate scholarships—and to continue competing with them for the world’s most talented students, Georgetown must do the same.

    To learn more about or contribute to this priority, please contact us at msbgiving@georgetown.edu.

  • Classroom experience

    We will stretch the boundaries of business education

    Our Georgetown McDonough community lives in the spirit of Saint Ignatius—with “one foot raised,” ready to move toward the future. We embrace change, always evolving our learning experiences and challenging students to consider not only profit but also purpose.

    To do this, we must invest in faculty whose innovations enrich the classroom and influence the business community. We also will connect students with companies and communities, allowing them to address real-world challenges here and abroad.


    Georgetown’s faculty conduct research that pushes the boundaries of existing disciplines, shape the fields that will define the future of business, and share their expertise with students and business organizations. Philanthropically funded professorships and chairs are some of the most effective tools for recruiting, retaining, and recognizing high-performing faculty—allowing us to be nimble, strategic, and competitive in a market where top business schools are vying for the same talent.


    Georgetown McDonough is committed to expanding global experiences to ensure that every student graduates with a global perspective gained through immersive international study, work, or service. The Global Business Experience is a unique course that combines on-campus study with experiential learning, partnering multinational corporations with Georgetown undergraduates who lead faculty-supervised consulting projects. At the course’s conclusion, students travel to their client’s home country to present their findings.

    To learn more about or contribute to this priority, please contact us at msbgiving@georgetown.edu.

  • Collaborative power

    We will expand and shape the role of business in the world

    For business to drive progress, we must understand the forces and partnerships that will shape industry in the coming years—along with their implications for society.

    Georgetown McDonough will collaborate richly across the university to deploy business skills against society’s greatest challenges, defining the future of commerce and management through programs, centers, and research dedicated to emerging, cross-disciplinary fields.


    Business and global affairs are inseparable disciplines, and Georgetown intends to be the first U.S. university that teaches to this reality. Jointly designed and delivered by Georgetown McDonough and the Walsh School of Foreign Service, the new Bachelor of Science in Global Affairs will graduate students with a mastery of technical business skills, a sophisticated understanding of global affairs, and the practical experience to deploy this knowledge.


    Cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial thinking is a force for economic growth and social good—and we call on our students to develop those skills. A new Center for Entrepreneurship will create a visible culture of entrepreneurial thought. Investments in this new center—its faculty, course development, experiential opportunities, mentorship programs, and more—will equip students and alumni with the skills and mindset to change the world.


    Our D.C. location offers unique professional and educational opportunities for our students. Since 2015, the Steers Center for Global Real Estate has provided students with the hands-on experience, high-level expertise, and business networks needed to compete for the highest-quality employment opportunities. Our vision includes establishing an undergraduate minor, adding new tenure-track faculty, and increasing scholarship support for top applicants.


    The global economy is at a pivotal moment: the world’s largest industries are deeply engaged with the opportunities and challenges presented by artificial intelligence and machine learning. As the nation’s leading Catholic and Jesuit university, Georgetown is positioned to bring a unique and necessary perspective to this conversation through the creation of a new center focused on these issues.

    To learn more about or contribute to this priority, please contact us at msbgiving@georgetown.edu.

  • Community impact

    We will define business for the common good

    With our home in the world’s most influential capital city, Georgetown has unique access to business, government, policy, and non-profit organizations—a rich ecosystem for pursuing shared value.

    The city is an extension of our classrooms and research agenda. It is also where we are called to practice the lessons we teach our students—by investing in programs that have a direct impact on economic and social development and inclusion across our Washington, D.C., community.


    Business for Impact—formerly the Global Social Enterprise Initiative—is the cornerstone of Georgetown McDonough’s ambition to become the world’s top program for creating shared social, environmental, and economic impact. Business for Impact teaches MBA courses in corporate social responsibility, trains hundreds of nonprofit executives annually, and partners with Fortune 500 corporations. We aim to expand these crucial initiatives and launch a new MBA Certificate Program in Corporate Sustainability.



    A partnership between our business school, Georgetown’s Prisons and Justice Initiative, and the D.C. Department of Employment Services, the Georgetown Pivot Program is a 10-month transition and re-entry certificate program for formerly incarcerated individuals. Blending education, work experience, executive mentorship, and networking opportunities, this first-of-its-kind program prepares participants for business ownership, meaningful employment, or continuing education. The program launched in 2018-19 and now seeks permanent resources.

    To learn more about or contribute to this priority, please contact us at msbgiving@georgetown.edu.

A Testimonial

students at graduation taking picture together

“Imagine a world led by Georgetown alumni who are inspired by our Jesuit mission to continuously serve humanity, who understand the complex issues facing mankind, and who have the expertise and relationships to solve them. I want us to live in that world.”

— Paul Almeida, Dean, McDonough School of Business, William R. Berkley Chair

Thank you for your support.

Georgetown alumni, parents, and friends are essential partners on our journey to educate principled leaders to be not only the best in the world, but the best for the world. Thank you for your generosity, now and always.

To learn more about or contribute to these priorities, please contact us at msbgiving@georgetown.edu.