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Patrick Healy Endowed Scholarship

The Patrick Healy Endowed Scholarship provides assistance to minority undergraduate students who have demonstrated need for financial aid. This scholarship—endowed in 2004—was established to increase diversity in the Georgetown undergraduate community and expand educational access.


The scholarship is named after Patrick F. Healy, S.J., who was president of Georgetown University from 1874 to 1882, and the first Black president to lead a predominantly white university.

Donors support this fund during the Georgetown University African-American Advisory Board (GUAAAB)’s annual Patrick Healy Dinner, which celebrates the service and accomplishments of African-American students, alumni, and faculty. Since its founding in 2000, GUAAAB has worked to ensure the necessary inclusion of African-Americans in all sectors of the Georgetown University community; foster communication and networking among African-American students, alumni, faculty and staff; and act as a key advisor to the university on policies and procedures that will positively impact the African-American experience at Georgetown.

Tiana Holston

‘They believe in me, so I need to believe in myself’

2020 Patrick Healy Scholarship recipient Tiana Holston (C’22) reflects on her goals to be a leader and an advocate. Filmed in January 2020.

View video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOqHEHVB3Tc


Recipients shared how the Patrick Healy Endowed Scholarship made an impact on their Georgetown experience.

A Testimonial

Graduating Georgetown student stands in front of Healy Hall door in cap and gown

“The Patrick Healy Scholarship was an integral part of my Georgetown journey. It provided funds that my family and I were in need of. That provision lifted the burden of financial anxiety and allowed me to focus on my studies. Most importantly, the scholarship provided a second family which I cherish to this day. I gained mentors who encouraged me and expanded my vision of what I can achieve. I am on my way to becoming a double Hoya and I am eternally grateful for the role that my Patrick Healy family continues to play in my life.”

— Elizabeth Nalunga (SFS’19), 2017 Recipient

A Testimonial

Grace Yeyeodu (SFS'16)

“I’m very grateful for having received the Patrick Healy Scholarship as an undergraduate student. While navigating both the highs and lows of student life, the scholarship alleviated some of the pressure I felt and served as a reminder that I had something valuable to contribute to the Georgetown community. When you give back to the scholarship, you affirm students of color and make Georgetown a richer place as a result.”

— Grace Yeyeodu (C’16), 2013-2014 Recipient

A Testimonial

Luce Angeline Lovely Olivier (C'18)

“Receiving the Patrick Healy Scholarship happened at a time when I needed to feel like I belonged at Georgetown, something that comes up often for Black students on campus. Of course, the financial support of the scholarship was crucial; however, finding fellowship with past recipients, alumni, and faculty who look like me at the dinners and beyond was most affirming. There is no lack of talent, care, brilliance, or passion in our community. Continuing to fully support and create opportunities for all students to thrive at Georgetown, regardless of circumstance, is a must, so I’m grateful for the advisory board doing part of the necessary work through this scholarship.”

— Luce Angeline Lovely Olivier (C’18), 2016 Recipient

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